Are you too lazy to train? Are you tired of the typical and traditional gym workouts? and Do you want to go in with your friends? Well TODAY in beFitness let’s talk about Boot Camp training.

What is a Boot camp workout?
At the beginning it was called Boot Camp training to the old military camps where they trained with hard training, high demand and aim to be fit to participate in military situations. But nowadays, this type of training has been transferred to civilians and we can define Boot camp as a high-intensity training, done in short periods of time, mostly outdoors led by a trainer and focused on exercises with our own body weight and career.

What benefits do we get from practicing Boot camp?
The effectiveness of this type of training is based on the combination of strength exercises, resistance exercises, functional movements and work at high intensities such as sprints adapted to sequences of breaks with the OBJECTIVE to burn the maximum possible calories and improve aerobic capacity, strength and endurance as well as enjoy a good time between friends.

Tips for going to a Boot camp class:
1-Wear comfortable clothes, proper sneakers, towel and a bottle of water.
2-If you are new to the activity, tell the coach (if you have not asked before).
3-Advise the coach of any injury or health problem that may affect the development of the activity (if the coach has not asked you before).
4-If you need it you can eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts about 20 or 30 minutes before starting the training.
5-Remember to perform the exercises correctly, giving your maximum but without going over as the first thing is health and in this type of training YOU PUT YOUR LIMITS .

beFitness conclusion
This type of training is suitable for everyone who does not have any health problems since this type of activity can be adapted to all levels and it is each person who sets their limits. Do not forget to do this type of activity with a certified and experienced trainer.

Do you live in Doha? All MONDAYS we practice Boot camp, if you are interested in joining our group of friends, WRITE US in the section of “contact” of our website.

The beFitness coach CARLA PREGIGUEIRO.

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