Invest in health with this great idea that Dimitri Siverskyy, Physiotherapist of the National Swimming Federation of Qatar proposes, with only two tennis balls united looking to perform the myofascial self massage technique. He also explains the 12 best exercises what you can and should do and how to execute them.

What is the self massage with two tennis balls?
We put together two tennis balls, which will remain firm to allow the self-massage technique known as myofascial self-release. We use our own weight to “roll” through controlled displacements and “massaging” the areas of our body from which we want to release tensions.

When doing the exercises with the “Tennis balls united”, do not forget:

1-Keep a controlled breath.
2-Do not be afraid if we feel some pain or pressure when rolling in the affected areas.
3-Apply the right pressure for each muscle group without exceeding.
4-Keep the “shoot” in the affected muscle at least 60 seconds.
5-Avoid rolling in bony areas.
6-Stretch at the end of rolling with the “Tennis balls attached”.
7-Do not forget to do both sides.
8-At least perform two sessions per week of about 30 minutes each. Also very convenient to do them either in the part of the warm-up or the return to the calm of our usual training sessions.

What benefits does it give us?
1-Increase blood flow.
2-Reduces the appearance of soreness and prevents muscle overload.
3-Increase flexibility.
4-Strengthens the core muscles.
5-Prevents injuries.
6-Increase the speed of recovery.
7-Power performance.

These are the 12 exercises we must do to start feeling the benefits:

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