TODAY our beFitness BEAUTY COACH , Veronica Bragado write in the BLOG a post about THE CELLULITE , solving many of the doubts that have ever crossed our minds Are you going to miss it?

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is a disease of the subcutaneous tissue, which affects 99% of women to a greater or lesser extent (this disorder is not always associated with excess weight, as it is also seen in thin people). Cellulite, even though it does not put the patient’s health at risk, it is considered an aesthetic problem that modifies contours, causes discomfort and undermines the self-esteem of the sufferer.

How is cellulite formed?
Cellulite is formed by deficiencies in circulation and hormonal activation. Genetics and the sedentary lifestyle are an important factor (lack of physical activity or not having an active lifestyle makes the situation worse).

What can happen if cellulite is neglected?
The cellulitis becomes a progressive disorder unable to heal spontaneously, so we can not wait for the miraculous disappearance, because when it appears it does so with a desire to stay and over time it will evolve to acquire disconcerting proportions.

1-Control the food (sweets, fast food, alcohol …).
2-Have an active lifestyle (walking, regular and controlled exercise, dancing, swimming …).
3-Drink plenty of water throughout our day.
4-Rest the recommended hours.
5-Apply anti-cellulite body creams every day of the year, from under the chest to the ankle to activate circulation. In beFitness we recommend body cream anti-cellulite and firming MARY KAY .

Why do we recommend these products? Because these anti-cellulite and firming body lotion creams “Smooth-Action Time Wise Body” has been proven (in a large group of women who clinically assured that their skin was generally softer, firmer and with an observable reduction of cellulite) and formulated to achieve a decrease in the appearance of cellulite, achieving a firmer and smoother skin. This product contains highly effective ingredients such as: glycolic acid, caffeine, argan oil and Coleus Bartarus root extract.

What is the firming effect? ​​
Firming products are those that help to smooth, tone and strengthen the skin as this type of firming creams have a series of components (vitamins, proteins, minerals and oils) that act together and coordinated to pursue the same goal: tense the skin.

When to apply the cream to reaffirm?
With the passage of time decreases the capacity of regeneration of the cells and the formations of collagen and elastin begin to show flimsy. Then appear in the epidermis spots, stretch marks and wrinkles more or less deep (are the so-called signs of aging) and it is here, at this stage of life, when the firming creams become our great ally.

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