We want to provide you with ample amount of information to help you lose weight and reduce body fat level. There are some key points to remember, one of the main ones is to develop healthy habits that will help you to build a healthy lifestyle. Don’t look for a quick fix or an intensive pre-summer diet as you will end up like the vast majority of people in diet failure. There is a very high chance that you will become just one more figure in a sad statistic of dieting. Research has shown that 80-90% of all dieters gained back more weight than they lost within the first year after the diet. We must admit that these figures are very dramatic. But on the bright side we can make some valuable conclusions – most of these diets were intensive short-period diets targeting short-term benefits and results. We want you rather to opt for long-term results with everlasting health and fitness benefits. We do not know people who wanted to lose weight now, and regain it or more weight back in the near future. We all strive to successfully lose weight and maintain it forever. Well, you cannot achieve this with a short-period diet, unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Don’t fall for well marketed fitness and nutrition scams claiming unbelievable results within a short period. It is in human nature to look for easy ways and quick solutions to our problems, especially when it comes to health, but you will inevitably fail. So, be prepared for the fact that losing fat will take time, period. Fat Loss Truth – being consistent over time.

4 Golden Rules to Lose Fat:
1.Be in a calorie deficit (being in calorie surplus and eating only cucumbers will not help you lose weight).
2.Consume adequate amounts of protein (protein is a king macronutrient).
3.Consume mostly (80% of total food intake) whole foods.
4.Exercise several times per week as a minimum (focus on burning fat and building muscles).


These core points will help you successfully lose fat:
•be flexible with your plan (it needs to be sustainable and enjoyable, don’t become miserable with your plan)
•be patient with your results (it might take longer than you think until you start seeing results that you wanted to achieve)
•be consistent with your progress (there will be days you will overeat, or not being able to fit a training session in a day, when weight scales didn’t reflect the effort you put in a week of training, but as long as you stay consistent over time and move towards your long-term success, it will direct you to your goal)
•be accountable for efforts you put in (if you place accountability on yourself for your actions and accept the subsequent consequences it would help you to move forward and push yourself on the days when your motivation is low, days with little energy or days with little willpower to go to the gym)
•be competitive with yourself (commit to continuously beating your own personal best’s, more kilometers walked per week, or longest period without skipping training sessions, etc.)
•be reasonable with changes (start small, implementing several habit changes at a time that will be easy to follow rather than implementing too many changes to your life and not being able to stick to them)
If you made a decision to achieve a certain goal, you need to clearly define your “WHY?”. Why do you want to achieve your goal? We are pretty sure that one of the reasons for you would be one of these or all of them together: lose fat, build muscle or feel mentally and physically healthier. But the root cause for getting into health and fitness could be quite often even deeper than answers above.

You can work out your root cause like this:
Why do you want to lose fat? “To be healthy”
Why you want to be healthy? “To reduce chances of developing diseases related to overweight, such as obesity, diabetes, etc.”
Why you want to achieve this? “To live long and capable of traveling the world and to be able to see my grandchildren grow old”

So, this should give you further motivation to achieve your initial goal of losing fat. Now, that your root reason “Why?” you want to get into fitness and healthy lifestyle is clear it is easier to stay consistent and determined. Simply, your “why” needs to be stronger and greater than any obstacles or difficulties that will come your way, otherwise you will be thrown off the track and face defeat.

beFitness conclusion
To successfully lose fat you will need to understand golden rules outlined in this article and accept the fact that it will take time, effort and commitment to achieve it. The journey to your goal will need you to be patient, flexible, accountable, competitive, reasonable and most importantly consistent.

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