beFitness is very pleased to announce that after a long year of working on this great project, we are finally able to inform you that the launch of our personal training application is just around the corner. Don’t miss your chance to get it very very soon!
We introduce to you “Yummpy”. Yummpy is a channel where you can train ONLINE with any trainer from the beFitness Team. You choose your fitness/sport goal and we help you achieve it. If you are not exited yet, you will be once you try it yourself.
If you want to know a little more about beFitness team, fitness app and its features, go to “Team” and “Blog” at


We are beFitness team, your team of personal trainers distributed throughout Spain (Ibiza, Ponferrada, Valladolid and Santander) and also Qatar (Doha). We offer personal training services and nutritional advice ONLINE.
Simply find us online using #befitnessteam hashtag, or follow us on social networks Facebook, Instagram, beFitness BLOG, You Tube, Google +, beFitness Photography and YES very very soon on our new Yummpy App.

Thanks to all the beFitness team (trainers, developers, IT experts, financial planners) that are 100% behind this project and stayed committed to deliver this fitness application. Yummpy is aimed to help people worldwide to significantly improve their fitness level and reach their fitness goals by providing training programs. With the Yummpy App, we are dedicated to exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Yummpy App!

The beFitness Team

We are your personal and online trainers.
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, beFitness BLOG, You Tube, Google +, beFitness photography and very soon in our Yummpy App by beFitness.

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