I hear this all over again and again from various people, young, old, busy, lazy, etc. I must admit it is not always easy to be consistent with working out, especially if you have high daily life commitments such as work and family. But there are ways around it if you are serious about staying fit and maintaining or improving your fitness level. It’s all about time management. Many of you are very busy with your daily lives, but we can find time to dedicate to fitness and health. The best approach to take toward fitness is to apply MUST rather that should. You MUST find time to train, rather than you should find time to train. Many of you have plenty of other should’s in your life, which never get accomplished because of the attitude and constant postponement of finally doing it. You may even know that you should make a change and what kind of a change in your life, or your diet, or your training and stop training badly, or eating poorly or even most importantly stop complaining. Many of you complain about why you are not able to do this or that, finding excuses and problems that are stopping you on starting something in your life. It is time to do something about it, stop complaining and start with small steps (3 times per week of 30min exercising), but start now, don’t wait until later or tomorrow or next week.

When you use a word should, your attitude is different which leads to no urgency. So, you just continue putting it (whatever it is) off day after day, week after week, and sometimes years pass by and you are not acting on it. The real change can start with MUST attitude, then you are not giving yourself an option but to do it right away. An urgency must be created, and consistency built on it.


If I was to tell you that if you don’t lose 40 pounds of your body weight you are going to die. How much effort would you put into losing those 40 pounds? Would you give all it takes and try as hard as you can? See instantly you will produce an urgency in getting it done no matter what. No matter what it is in your life, unless you create an urgency and start acting on it, you will never achieve it. So, why not have this attitude toward your health and fitness? Why not start now!? Attitude is a choice, it’s time for a change. Change your mind, and it will change your life. Make exercising and working out part of your life.

We can give you few tips on how to fit fitness in your lives:
• Take your family to the park and spend time doing active activities (sport, exercises, physical games, etc.)
• Walk, run or cycle to/from work if possible
• Wake up 30 min earlier than workout using bodyweight and/or household items (we will have future posts on give you exercise ideas) normal and perform home
• Schedule sessions with a friend in the gym, where you can catch up on the latest news of each other’s lives, rather than in a bar)
• Use TV watching sessions for a mini workouts (all it take is 15min of exercising and 5-10min of abs training)
• Use staircase rather than elevators/escalators in the buildings, metros and around the city
• Take part in sport events around your city such as a fun runs, charity walks, obstacle races, etc.
• Organize adventurous hikes exploring nearby nature and landscapes on a weekend
• Use your lunch break not only to have a lunch, but to go for a walk if possible (an hour break can be split into 30min walk and 30min for a lunch)
• Make sport and working out a place for socializing with friends (invite your friend to play football)
• Invite your loved one for a few sets on the tennis court before a dinner instead of a simple dinner
• Sit less throughout the day and try to stand or walk more, even when waiting for someone/something
• Make use of group classes while your kids are having their activities or in school

If doing same workout/sport isn’t very motivational for you, try mixing things up and make use of variety of different group classes (body pump, tabata, spinning, yoga, etc.), play tennis, football, basketball, do swimming, running, cycling, strength training in the gym, perform stretches and high-intensity interval trainings.

beFitness Conclusion
You cannot expect to look and feel good, and do nothing to make it happen. Don’t be full of excuses, instead look at the opportunities around you to stay fit. The earlier you will realize how important it is to stay active and healthy the earlier you will notice the benefits of being fit and healthy. Make fitness a MUST in your daily life and it will became your lifestyle.

Vitaliy Siverskyy, the beFitness nutritionist

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