I have faced this situation many times before and faced it again last weekend when I was invited to a colleague of mine for a barbeque dinner. The matter of social events getting in the way of your diet plan, so I decided to write up this post to share my thoughts on this situation. I face this quite often especially during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Eid, etc.

If you are committed to your diet and trying to stay consistent on your dieting plan in order to reduce body fat, then we are in the same boat. Although all social events with family and friends are full of fun and excitement, they end up for you with a feeling of guilt. I completely understand you, as I face this issue myself. All these kind of events are accompanied by consumption of high amounts of calories in a short period of time. And as a result of feeling guilty you will force yourself into punishment in a way of extreme cardio sessions in the days after the “Guilt Day”.


You may find that your weight will raise following aggravated calorie consumption, but don’t panic yet, as most of this would be water retention caused by glycogen from all the carbohydrates you’ve eaten. Eventually, our body will be able to regulate this itself in the coming days and your weight will get back to normal. You may find that you will have on average not more than 1-2 days per month during the entire year, when you will go off your diet plan due to these kind of social events and indulgent situations. They will not have a dramatic effect on your overall dieting progress as long as you don’t extend one day to 2-3 days period. Most importantly is to get back on track as soon as possible after the “bad day”.

Remember life is to be enjoyed, and there are 365 days in a year, so don’t be obsessed about one bad day of dieting. Instead you can use this surplus of carbs to good use in a gym pushing yourself slightly further than usual.
From my personal experience, I know how easy it is to get obsessed with numbers when counting calories and worrying a lot about balancing the numbers. But it is important sometimes to take your eyes of the numbers and look around, and remember the fact that “Life is to be enjoyed”. So, don’t get obsessed or guilty after a festive occasion, but put yourself into a positive mode reflecting that you had a good time spent with family and friends.

beFitness conclusion
Stay consistent with your diet plan, and use “consistency over perfection” theory. You will always have ups and downs not only with your trainings but in dieting too. One or two “bad days” will not ruin your entire month of dieting. Ensure you stay on track of your progress in and outside the gym. Stay positive, enjoy your life and your journey to health and fitness.

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