The best investment what you can do ever!

Invest in health with this great idea that Dimitri Siverskyy, Physiotherapist of the National Swimming Federation of Qatar proposes, with only two tennis balls united looking to perform the myofascial self massage technique. He also explains the 12 best exercises what you can and should do and how to execute

BTT Desert Oman Race here we GO!!!

Have not you heard? Because it’s already official, the beFitness TEAM will take part in one of the most famous mountain bike adventures in the desert in the Middle East. If you do not believe us, click on HERE and see how our registration is already official. Do you want

Vitamins vs Minerals

Many of us know the fact that vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients and are needed for healthy functioning of the human body but very few actually possess adequate knowledge about them. Vitamins and minerals are needed in certain amounts for proper functioning of the body, some in higher amounts

How to successfully lose fat

We want to provide you with ample amount of information to help you lose weight and reduce body fat level. There are some key points to remember, one of the main ones is to develop healthy habits that will help you to build a healthy lifestyle. Don’t look for a

Sedentary Truth

Did you notice that many people who arrive to Qatar gain weight? I can easily come up with examples of the people I met who arrived to Doha and within first 12-24 months managed put on extra 5-10kg. Have you asked yourself what is the cause? I came to a

Dieting Guilt

I have faced this situation many times before and faced it again last weekend when I was invited to a colleague of mine for a barbeque dinner. The matter of social events getting in the way of your diet plan, so I decided to write up this post to share

Don’t Be Scared Of Carbohydrates

The recent tendency in fitness nutrition among gym goers or dieters is that most of them think that carbohydrates make you fat! Do carbs actually make you fat? We have touched partly on this subject in our previous articles. Let’s begin by outlining what is carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is an essential

Fitness Time Management and Lifestyle

I hear this all over again and again from various people, young, old, busy, lazy, etc. I must admit it is not always easy to be consistent with working out, especially if you have high daily life commitments such as work and family. But there are ways around it if


Sport and bodybuilding supplements is a hot topic and I can’t remember how many times I’ve been asked various questions about it. The name “supplement” says it all, it is something that completes or enhance something else. In fitness it is used to enhance your nutrition, but it cannot replace

Rep Range Rampage

In this article we decided to help you decide which rep range you want to use whilst weight training in the gym. There are variety of different theories on what is the best or ultimate rep range for exercising, but it all depends on your objective from lifting weights. Some

Cardio First or Weight Training First

Many gym users are in doubt on whether they should do cardio first or weight training first. Well, it depends on your goal. However, up till now there hasn’t been any proven research to show that strength training before cardio training increases the amount of fat burned during cardio workout,

Choosing Right Gym Shoes

When it comes to gym wear, gym shoes will probably play the most important role. If you want to enhance your strength training in the gym, we suggest you to get a proper shoes as they would be different to your running or walking shoes. We are not saying you

The Muscle Mass Building Guide

Many gym fanatics and amateurs want to get bigger, stronger and leaner. It would be very difficult to acquire all three at once, unless you are a newcomer and you will be able to have initial progress in all of them simultaneously. However, as you go forward you will notice

Why Compound Exercises Are Important

We would like to start the blog with one of the most important and worrying topic about compound exercises and why it is important to use them. Two common dilemmas which most people face when it comes to fitness and exercise are time constraints and type of training to do.