Many gym users are in doubt on whether they should do cardio first or weight training first. Well, it depends on your goal. However, up till now there hasn’t been any proven research to show that strength training before cardio training increases the amount of fat burned during cardio workout, or vice versa. But, intensity of fitness activity will determine the fuel source used and ratios between carbohydrate, fat and protein. Which means that you may do weight training but depending on its intensity will depend fuel source used, same applies to cardio.

If you perform strength training prior to your cardio, it is for likely that your intensity of cardio would be lower than if you would have performed cardio at the beginning due to muscle fatigue from strength training. Therefore, if your goal is purely to lose weight then it would be better if you perform cardio first followed by strength training. In my option is it not good to be slim, and at the same time having unfit body therefore I would suggest your give enough attention to lifting weight. Obviously, if your objective is to build muscle mass then you will have to lift weight first before moving into cardio.


You may ask what should you do if you want to achieve both at the same time, lose weight and increase muscular strength, then my suggestion to you would be to have emphasis on weight lighting and incorporating some cardio into training plan. There is always opportunity for alternation, and doing cardio sometime prior to strength training. If you have opportunity to separate cardio workout from strength training it would only be beneficial, however it will hugely depend on your time availability. For example, to do a cardio session before going to work and strength training after work.

It is good idea time to time to do fasten cardio sessions, best way of performing it is to do 20 cardio first thing in the morning before having breakfast and if you don’t want to do fasten trainings, you can do 20-45′ cardio training. Ensure, intensity of your cardio session is moderate to torch fat as a fuel source.

Answer to question on which one to do first depends on your goal, but my personal opinion if you want to get muscular while losing fat you need to schedule yourself for 3-6 sessions of weight trainings per week and 2-4 cardio sessions. It may seem a lot of sessions and time all together but cardio may only need 20-30min, when strength training anything between 45-70min. So, if you can dedicate 1-1½ hours a day for 3-4 days a weeks it would be sufficient to get a noticeable physical improvement especially if you are unfit or never trained before.

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