Have not you heard? Because it’s already official, the beFitness TEAM will take part in one of the most famous mountain bike adventures in the desert in the Middle East.

If you do not believe us, click on HERE and see how our registration is already official.

Do you want to know what is BTT Desert Oman Race?
The adventure begins in the capital of Oman (in Muskat) and from there, 300km of routes await us in the desert and the amazing mountains of Oman, divided into 4 stages and with an accumulated fall of 8500m and will be disputed in February 2018.

Who are the components of the beFitness team?
Our adventurers are Carlos Belmonte and our manager and coach, beFitness, Carla Pregigueiro. They will participate in the mixed category of couples as a team.

Who are the official sponsors of the beFitness team?
We are fortunate to announce that in this adventure we are sponsored by BIKING MAN , which in addition to being experts is born in the race of resistance bicycles for all over the world, are the contributors to the BTT Desert Oman Race organization, so if you are interested in participating, please log on to BIKING MAN OMAN and take a look at the inscriptions.

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